Let decompression and compression easier.

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Zip-12 offers a wide range of features with Compression & Decompression. support 7zip zip tar and wim file. and also support compress audio & video

  • Amazing support
    support 7zip zip tar and wim . compress support mp3 mp4 etc...
  • Compression
    Compression is useful because it reduces resources required to store.
  • Decomposition
    This file is your unzip Out of the file, is composed of multiple files.
  • Copy Cut Delete
    You can copy and cut the file to another directory.

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Zip-12 compression software make your documents more convenient. Black and white is the design we use.


How it work

You just need to open the app, and then click the icon to complete any operation. Zip-12 provides a very convenient basic operation.

Compress file

Open the App, select the directory you want to compress, pop-up dialog box, select the mode and file format you want to compress, of course, you can enter a password to protect your files

Decompree file

You can choose 7z zip tar wim file to extract, if not selected, the software will be prompted error.

Copy Move Delete

You can copy the file to another directory, you can move the selected file or package by moving the icon, of course, you can also delete the corresponding selected item.


First, open the Zip-12 App, select the file or package to be tested, click the Test icon, the software will automatically start the test and display the test results, the test results include: the number of folders, the size of the package, the number of files, the file size and Test Results

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